CCSME, as the voice of the Canada-China small and medium enterprise business community, works to accomplish for you and your company what no individual or single business can do alone.

The strength of the association lies in its membership, which serves as a resource of manpower, ideas, and talents from which our community can draw.

We understand that your interests and needs are diverse, and we strive to plan programs and develop benefits which meet the needs of all our members.

Your membership entitles you to a host of valuable benefits including:

  • Invitation to exclusive events in targeted industries
  • Networking opportunities at luncheons, seminars and events
  • Invitation to exclusive events organized with our partners
  • Business and investment seminars
  • Business referral to professional services (i.e. immigration, legal, education)
  • Relocation guide for Canada and China

Membership with CCSME will help build your business network, save you money through exclusive membership benefits, provide advocacy on behalf of your business, and offer cost effective educational and networking opportunities.

Should you wish to send us a hard copy of the membership application form, please print it HERE 

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